Field Trips

One of our field trip during the TTMaSA program was at the General Motors Factory. In this field trip, we learned how they make the Chevy Malibu and the Buick. This field trip was very long and a ton of walking. We learned that it takes 17 hours to make a car and every 58 […]

Roadside Attractions and Diners

If you would like to see more of road you can go experience it for yourself and get on the road today. For some options, here is a quick list of roadside attractions you can go see. 1.       The Blue Whale- Catoosa Oklahoma a.       On Route 66, The Blue Whale was built for an anniversary […]

Historic or Famous Roads

Most cities have thousands of streets. One or two streets always become better known than any other. Whether its because or their shopping opportunities, center of highlife, entertainment hub or their place in history. These are some of the famous roads in the United States: Michigan Avenue This road scores low on name recognition. How many […]

City Planning of Roads

City roads are simply designed in grids, where streets run at ninety degree angles to each other. The main advantage of the grid plan is that it allows the subdivision as the city gets crowded. New Haven Colony in the United States was the earliest to designed grid road planning. Philadelphia was designed with rectilinear […]

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