TTMaSA Experience

Being a part of TTMaSA program, I learned a lot of things this summer. I didn’t expect anything would help me improve academically this summer, but I improved my math skills by being part of this program. Even though Math class was just a review for me on most of the work we did there, […]

My Experience At TTMaSA ;)

TTMaSA is a great program, becuase it’s teaching kids a lot stuff about Math, Science, and Technology. I came to the TTMaSA program becuase I didn’t have anything to do with my summer. When I came the first day, I  was a little bit scared, because that’s my first day in TTMaSA program. Most of the work […]


The TTMaSA (Transportation, Technology, Math and Science Academy), was different than what I expected it to be. I knew we were going to learn about the subjects listed in its name, but I didn’t realize that we would learn it in a different way. The way we learn about Transportation was nice. I liked that […]

In the Future

I think  years from now the cars will be alot better, because technology will be better.  They will be able to auto drive by themselves. When you get a flat tire, the flat will auto inflate, insted of needing to buy a new tire. In the future all cars will be economically friendly.  Cars might even help […]

Future World

Throughout the years, technology has evolved and changed. As new technology gets innovated every year, new types of transportation get invented. Although, technology and transportation are considered one of the important things that changes people lives, there are negative effects. Technology has positive and the negative effects on people lives but in either condition it changes […]

New Things In The Future

I think in the future there is going to be a lot of new stuff that we don’t know about, because we are going to be old people. Maybe the cars will be flying and the streets are going to be just for walking. So if our grand children want to go somewhere they have to fly in […]

To The Future

Time, it seems to past by us everyday without us even noticing how precious it is. And as time passes by things just seem to get better and easier for us. One of the many things that has gotten better is how people get from point A to B. Transportation is so important for us […]

Who Inspires Me

My parents inspire me because they always motivate me to do good things and choose the right path. They set an example for me to work hard to get what I want in life. They always work hard to fulfill our needs. The support from my parents has made me do my best in school and […]

My Nice Grandmother

First, I’m going to talk about myself. My name is Marwa. I’m 16 years old, and I’m from Baghdad, Iraq. I live with my mom, dad, one sister, and one brother. We moved to the United States when I was 14 years old. I study at J.C Harmon High School. The person I want to talk […]

Someone who motivates me

Some one who motivates me is my step dad. He is always telling me to do good in life. When I am not feeling like doing good in school, he pushes me to finish high school by saying “Just finish high school. You are so close to being done and then you can go follow […]

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