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Field Trips

One of our field trip during the TTMaSA program was at the General Motors Factory. In this field trip, we learned how they make the Chevy Malibu and the Buick. This field trip was very long and a ton of walking. We learned that it takes 17 hours to make a car and every 58 […]

TTMaSA Experience

Being a part of TTMaSA program, I learned a lot of things this summer. I didn’t expect anything would help me improve academically this summer, but I improved my math skills by being part of this program. Even though Math class was just a review for me on most of the work we did there, […]

My Experience At TTMaSA ;)

TTMaSA is a great program, becuase it’s teaching kids a lot stuff about Math, Science, and Technology. I came to the TTMaSA program becuase I didn’t have anything to do with my summer. When I came the first day, I  was a little bit scared, because that’s my first day in TTMaSA program. Most of the work […]


The TTMaSA (Transportation, Technology, Math and Science Academy), was different than what I expected it to be. I knew we were going to learn about the subjects listed in its name, but I didn’t realize that we would learn it in a different way. The way we learn about Transportation was nice. I liked that […]

Roadside Attractions and Diners

If you would like to see more of road you can go experience it for yourself and get on the road today. For some options, here is a quick list of roadside attractions you can go see. 1.       The Blue Whale- Catoosa Oklahoma a.       On Route 66, The Blue Whale was built for an anniversary […]

Special Licences

According to here is a list of a few different drivers licences that one must have to drive specific vehicles. (click to enlarge)

In the Future

I think  years from now the cars will be alot better, because technology will be better.  They will be able to auto drive by themselves. When you get a flat tire, the flat will auto inflate, insted of needing to buy a new tire. In the future all cars will be economically friendly.  Cars might even help […]

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