History of Roads

  • The first roads were constructed with stones around 4000 B.C.
  • John Metcalfe built 180 miles of roads in Yorkshire, England.
  • The modern tarred road was designed by Thomas Telford and John Loudon McAdam.
  • The first road use of asphalt roads occurred in Paris.




  • There are 4 main steps to building a road. They are:
  1. Environmental
  2. Design
  3. Building Land
  4. Construction
  • Building a road involves simple technology and heavy labor.
  • The first task to a clear road was usually the most difficult. Stumps, boulders, brush and trees had to be clear. This was usually done by 7 men and sometimes horses helped.
  • Once it was clear, distinguishing marks of an improved road separating it from paths for foot travel or animal migration were placed.
  • By using hand – held rakes, hoes or sometimes horses- drawn scrapers this created a surface open to wagon and stage travel.


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