Thank You

pink-smiley-face-md                                           THANK YOU KDOT


I want to say thank you to KDOT because we have so much fun, I meet new friends, and I learn a lot different things about Math, Science, Technology. Also we went to a lot different Field Trips. THANK YOU for everything.

Marwa Mohammed

Thank you KDOT for giving me opportunity to be a part of TTMaSA this year. I got chance to learn a lot about Science, Math and Roadway Industry. This summer, I made some new friends and had a lot fun on those field trips. Also, thank you for the money.

Saraswati Kharka

Thank you KDOT for allowing me to take part of TTMaSA this Summer. I met new friends, and more about Transportation, Technology, Math and Science. I’m so thankful to take part of this program because I didn’t have plans this summer. THANK YOU!!!!

Carol Soria

Thank you KDOT for allowing me to gain TTMaSA. I learned alot about Math, Science,Tecgnology, and the Roadway Industry.

Selena Quiroz


Thank you to all the teachers for giving up their valuable time to teach us and help create our site.

Thanks to Ambrosia, for being such a good councilor.



P.S. Thank you Cindy Rattanavong for helping us on our website.

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